Along the Mighty Merced

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"Along the Mighty Merced" began life as a tuning exercise. In short order, however, it insisted on claiming its birthright as an actual song -- and I was pretty much forced to bow to its Pygmalionic aspirations, because, after all, it sounded pretty darned good to me.

When my Dad lay dying of cancer, I was so paralyzed with grief that I just had to do something to break the spell. So I decided to record "Along the Mighty Merced"

It took just three days from start to finish.

It's an instrumental, so there are no lyrics. It consists of just four chords -- a modal G, D, C and Em -- but it's the picking pattern that makes the song. And I'm no good at writing tablature notation, so it doesn't make much sense just to list the chords, either.

As for the recording credits, it's entirely my fault: I produced, arranged and engineered the thing and I play all three of the instruments -- acoustic lead and rhythm guitars, DR-770 and Korg Triton. (I can't claim any credit for the waterfall and river sound effects tracks, since I got them from Ljudo.)

Of course, the Triton accounts for 10 of the 16 tracks in the finished mix:

  • acoustic bass
  • bagpipes
  • French horn
  • Hammond B3 organ
  • left-and-right-hand acoustic piano
  • pizzacato strings
  • rosin strings
  • tubular bells and
  • viola
I hope you like it. I do.

It makes me want to dance..

(Copyright© 2002 by Thom Stark--all rights reserved)