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I've moved all the stuff from my CD "Ordinary Hero" to that part of my site. What's left here are four songs from my demo tape for Norman Carburetor, my last Bay Area rock band, if you're interested in recordings I did in the 1980's:
  • Bob 3:27, 3,318,715 bytes - stays crunchy in milk..
  • In the Morning 2:11, 2,104,959 bytes - a tender, soulful rock ballad about sex..
  • Cross the Sky 4:36, 4,419,594 bytes - a dream of flying over landscapes both real and imaginary..
  • and Slip Away 1:51, 1,776,448 bytes - a rock waltz.
When I finished that tape, I promised myself I'd never, ever do another one-man-band recording again.

And darned if I didn't do exactly that when I tackled "Ordinary Hero".

(Okay, I had some help -- especially on "They Fell Down", my song about the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. But I play all the instruments on six out of the ten tracks on the CD. If you like my older stuff, you should definitely check it out.)

The Norman Carburetor tracks were all recorded on an Akai MG-1212 12-track cassette recorder/mixer -- an amazing piece of technology for its time -- at the long-vanished Grinning Gargoyles Studio in Berekely, CA.

By contrast, I recorded all the tracks for "Ordinary Hero" in my guest bathroom, on a Pentium Celeron PC equipped with a 16-bit Echo Systems Layla interface, using Cakewalk Pro Audio and a selection of DirectX audio processing plugins.

I love living here in the future..

(Copyright© 2003 by Thom Stark--all rights reserved)