On the Way to Palestine

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In the pre-dawn darkness of February 1, 2003, I stood in our East pasture, watching space shuttle Columbia pass overhead. It flared several times as it crossed the Northern sky and I thought that was a little odd, but I just assumed that it had to be a normal part of the orbiter's re-entry.

It wasn't. What I'd seen was Columbia's left wing beginning to disintegrate -- a process that would culminate, just minutes after it passed over my head, with the shuttle's complete destruction over Palestine, Texas.

I've been trying to come to grips with that event ever since. As is often the case when I'm hurting, I took refuge in making music. "On the Way to Palestine" is the result.

I produced, arranged and engineered the song and I sing lead and play acoustic and electric guitars, DR-770 and Korg Triton.

On the Way to Palestine
(copyright© 2003 by Thom Stark - all rights reserved)
A                             Bm
I watched it flash across the sky
D                  A
On its way to Palestine.
Like a meteor it flew.
D                    A
And I wonder if they knew.

It was beautiful to see,
And it meant so much to me.
I never dreamed they went to die.
And, like you, I wonder why.

D                         Bm
Something happened in the sky
On the way to Palestine.

Scattered pieces on the ground
Cover Nacogdoches town.
And a world is joined in tears.
For the heroes who fell there.

Now those astronauts are gone,
But their legacy lives on.
And one day the human race
Will make its home in space.

(Web page copyright© 2003 by Thom Stark
all rights reserved